Recovering Redemption

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn | Images by Justin Hunter

The word ‘addiction’ has many meanings, all covered in negative connotations. Many types of addiction harm us not just physically but emotionally. Addiction to holding grudges and unforgiveness. Addiction to negative thoughts and emotions. Addiction to a lifestyle that only temporarily satisfies – the list could go on and on. However, many addictions are often used as a crutch, a way to avoid a root issue. Desperation Church’s Recovering Redemption is all about showing others that any addiction can be overcome because of this simple truth: Christ changes everything.

Recovering Redemption is a 12-week program that follows a Bible study written by Matt Chandler. The study covers topics such as self-doubt, shame, guilt, fear, anger, lust/sexual sin, unforgiveness, and substance addiction.

The series is a doctrine of redemption, teaching that as humans, we carry an inherent brokenness through sin. But through Christ, all who accept His gift of salvation can be adopted into His family and become covered by His righteousness.

Recovering Redemption meets each Sunday at noon to have lunch, connect, share with others, and continue the weekly study led by group leaders Debra Gillespie, Terry Ward, Christina Jordan, and Mike Jones. The meetings are held at Desperation Church (204 19th Street East #100, Jasper, AL 35501) and are free and open to anyone seeking to recover from addiction or grow in their walk with Christ.

“Christ can take your guilt and shame and fear and turn it all around. A lot of people are good at throwing out cliches about how we need to change but don’t give direction on how to change,” says Gillespie. “This study goes deeper into the word of God and shows you things you can apply to your walk with the Lord.”

The group leaders also head up outreach in the community by literally taking to the streets of Jasper and ministering to people in broken situations. Recovering Redemption also partners with rehab centers to lead Bible studies and connect those dealing with addiction to a place for help.

Gillespie says the group sees people from all walks of life dealing with different circumstances – depression, anxiety, anger issues, fear, PTSD, mental illness, suicidal ideation, divorce, loss, and unforgiveness – but as she says, “God covers all of that!” 

“From sin to justification, from sanctification to new self, our intentions are to help people experience life abundantly. A lot of people think that church is just a certain day of the week, but it’s not just about that. It’s about a relationship. For us, it’s about finding you where you are in your brokenness and fear and walking out of there with you by helping you let God take whatever it is that hurts you and using it to bring out who He would have you to be. Because we can’t do that ourselves, but God can. God has used Recovering Redemption to help a lot of people, and He’s still doing it.” WL

For more information, reach out to Recovering Redemption Group Leaders:

 Debra Gillespie – (205) 512-5764

Terry Ward – (205) 550-7761

Christina Jordan – (205) 300-3371

Mike Jones – (205) 541-2792