Oakman Wildcats Tame the Meek Tigers in County Line Cat Fight

Words by Thomas Ingle | Images by Justin Hunter

In an intense non-regional showdown, the Oakman Wildcats clashed with the Meek Tigers in Arley, Alabama, last Friday, where Oakman emerged victorious with a commanding final score of 69-26.

Leading up to this game, both teams had displayed their prowess, each boasting a 67% win rate against their opponents during the season. Both teams were ranked 3rd in their respective regions at that time.

Oakman’s offense was on full display, led by the outstanding performances of its key players. Senior Wide Receiver and Defensive Back Rick Johnson scored three touchdowns, while sophomore Running Back Tyler Thomas made two touchdowns and a two-point conversion. Junior Wide Receiver and Defensive Back Bridger Uptain also contributed two touchdowns to the scoreboard, and sophomore Kicker and Offensive Lineman Brady Jones added seven extra points to the tally. Additionally, Wildcats senior Running Back Kason Dickerson, junior Wide Receiver Aiden Carson, and sophomore Quarterback Cason Aaron each contributed a touchdown to round out the impressive offensive performance.

On the defensive front, the Wildcats recovered three fumbles, with one recovery credited to senior Defensive Lineman Mason Love. Additionally, the team secured two crucial interceptions, one by Rick Johnson and the other by Bridger Upton.

With this victory, Oakman now has a regular season record of 7-3. The Wildcats will face off against Mars Hill Bible School (9-1) in a playoff round on November 9 at 7 p.m. WL