Local Business Spotlight: Manasco Chiropractic Clinic

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn | Images by Ryan McGill

Since Manasco Chiropractic Clinic opened its doors 26 years ago, the business has become grounds for chiropractic adjustment, holistic healing, and ministry.

While attending Gadsden State Community College on a baseball scholarship, Brian Manasco Brian felt God begin to speak to him.

“I felt the Lord tell me it was time to give up baseball, and I heard the word ‘chiropractic,’” says Brian. “That’s what started my interest. Since then, I’ve always felt I was supposed to be a chiropractor.”

Brian married his wife, Renee, in 1987, and the two moved to Marietta, Georgia, so that Brian could attend chiropractic school at Life University.

After his graduation, Brian and Renee and their children, Kayla and Andrew, built the first Manasco Chiropractic Clinic, located on Front Street in Carbon Hill, from the ground up. Now located at 115 3rd Avenue Northwest in Carbon Hill, the clinic has evolved into more than just a spot for chiropractic adjustments. The Manascos take any chance to pray with and encourage their patients through scripture.

Dr. Brian also offers nutritional assessments, a series of tests to find the root cause of any health symptoms. Through training from Standard Process, a natural supplement brand, Dr. Brian is certified to assess patients and recommend natural herbs and supplements.

For more information on services or to schedule an appointment, contact Manasco Chiropractic Clinic at (205) 924-0050. WL

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