Historic Education Budget Positively Impacts Bevill State

Bevill State Community College is poised to benefit from legislative support of the historic Education Trust Fund Budget passed during the 2023 legislative session. Notable points of this ETF budget include:

·      $551,286,557 allocated to the Alabama Community College System.

·      $280,000 specifically earmarked for all the Bevill State Community College campuses.

·      $350,000 designated for the Alabama Mine Safety Training Program located on the Bevill State Sumiton Campus.

·      $30,682,385 to expand Dual Enrollment support throughout the Alabama Community College System.

·      $19,000,000 for facility renovations and development and for the purchase of needed program equipment at Bevill State Community College.

The College’s legislative delegation annually ensures that the College is earmarked funds for use throughout the entire service area and receives the necessary support for the Alabama Mine Safety Training Program. The supplemental $19 million appropriation provided to BSCC for capital enhancements will be utilized for construction projects such as those currently underway on the Sumiton Campus with the Vehicle Technology & Repair – Automotive Service Excellence program; Electrical Systems Technology, Industrial Systems Technology, and Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Technology programs; and Welding program. These projects are part of the ongoing effort to make upgrades and improvements college-wide. Additional projects that will further utilize this funding are in the planning phase and will be released as soon as details are available.

“Bevill State Community College is consistently known for leading the charge in workforce development for the entire West Alabama region,” stated Senator Greg Reed (R-Jasper.). “From dual enrollment, welding, mine-safety training, and numerous other categories, BSCC continues to recruit students that aspire to plant roots in Alabama to live, work, and raise a family.  I will continue to pledge my support to Bevill State Community College in all aspects and send sincere gratitude for Dr. Hagood in his role as President.”

“Bevill State is West Alabama’s premier choice for higher education accessibility. With an extensive range of academic transfer opportunities and career pathways offered through an exceptional array of workforce development programs, Bevill State stands as an invaluable asset for industrial recruitment and community enrichment,” emphasized Representative Matt Woods (R-Jasper). “As a proud alumnus, I remain dedicated to supporting this college that has had a profound impact on my life.”

“Bevill State’s legislative delegation has a long-standing record of support for the College. However, the amount of support demonstrated by this most recent Education Budget clearly shows their belief in our mission and the work we are doing. They understand and value the impact we have on the communities we serve, especially with concern to economic development and the workforce. We intend to use this funding to continue our work to assist the citizens of our service area to thrive. The College appreciates the Alabama legislature and the leadership that Senator Greg Reed has provided as the President Pro Tempore of the Alabama State Senate,” stated Dr. Joel Hagood, President of Bevill State Community College.

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