Jasper’s Stephen Williams Graduates from the United States Naval Academy

Words by Elizabeth Gillott | Photo courtesy of Rachel Williams

Over the course of four years, The United States Naval Academy prepares young people academically, physically, and mentally for a future in naval service.

Leaders are shaped at academies with such prestige, and Jasper’s own Stephen Williams is now a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in quantitative economics and a commission as a United States Navy Ensign.

Stephen has always had the military in mind for his future. His family regularly vacations at Pensacola Beach, where military flight training occurs. In middle school, Stephen began researching the different paths that lead an individual to become a fighter pilot. Ultimately, he decided on the Navy.

The application process is nothing short of extensive. Stephen began the process in the spring of his junior year of high school, starting with a tour of the Academy during the preliminary phase, followed by the formal application once he was selected as a candidate. Upon completion of the list of requirements, Stephen was formally accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy in his senior year of high school to attend the following fall.

From the demanding three to four weeks of Plebe Summer as an incoming freshman to becoming a Platoon Commander his senior year, Stephen dedicated all his time and efforts to the Academy.

“Each leadership position I had was an honor, and the experience as a whole proved worth the time commitment,” he says.

Next up for Stephen is flight school. “From the day of graduation to the start of flight school is about ten months,” he explains.

In the meantime, Stephen is heading back to the Academy to work with the Economics Department. In August, he will go to Pensacola for graduate school classes until flight school begins.

Stephen looks forward to serving our country by pursuing a career in the Navy, and we congratulate him on his accomplishments! WL

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