Pampered Pets: We’re Open!

Words by Elizabeth Williams | Image by Al Blanton

On Tuesday evening, Pampered Pets owner Dana Scheile was closing her store for the night when a car slammed into the front of the building. No one was hurt in the accident, but the building signature bay window was destroyed. Luckily, the damage was contianed to the front of the store, and no equipment was lost.
Scheile says she wants the community to know that even though the building’s damaged area is covered and the yard is taped off for safety purposes, Pampered Pets is still open for business and operating as usual.

Open since the 1990s, Pampered offers pet grooming, including bath and cut, Monday through Friday. Services are available by appointment only, with appointments starting as early as 8 a.m.

Dana says that the business’s services are in high demand, so if you would like to book, be prepared to book several weeks in advance. WL

Pampered Pets is located at 4 Wright Street in Jasper. To schedule an appointment, please call 205-221-0657

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