Memorial Park Elementary School’s Summer Reading Camp: Empowering Students for Academic Success

Words and Images by Jenny Lynn Davis

Many may assume that school buildings remain vacant and idle during summer break. However, this is far from the truth, especially at Memorial Park Elementary School, where their annual summer reading camp is currently underway.

This program, inspired by the Alabama Literacy Act and designed to address reading challenges among students in second and third grade, aims to empower young learners with the essential skills needed for academic success. With a focus on evidence-based teaching practices and personalized interventions, Memorial Park Elementary is dedicated to helping struggling readers bridge the gap and flourish in their literacy journey.

“We truly believe that all kids can learn, and that we can help them close the gaps in their learning and have those lightbulb moments where they realize ‘I can do this!’. That’s our mission with the summer reading camp,” said Katie Oliver, Reading Coach at Memorial Park Elementary.

Memorial Park Elementary’s summer reading camp serves as a lifeline for students who have exhibited deficits in reading. By providing dedicated reading instruction during summer break, the camp aims to bolster their reading abilities and foster a love for learning. Through careful assessment in the regular school year, teachers identify students who require additional help and create intervention plans tailored to their specific needs. This individualized approach ensures that each student receives the support necessary to overcome their reading challenges and thrive academically.

Highly trained educators guide students through engaging activities and interactive lessons, creating a nurturing environment that promotes growth and confidence.

“We’re proud of our students and their families for the commitment they give to showing up each day to this reading camp,” said Principal Eric Rigsby. “We’re also proud of our teachers who make it happen. They do a great job with our students during the school year, and we’re thankful to have them continue that impact during the summer.” WL

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