Celebration Held for Judy Robinson’s Retirement from Revenue Commission

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter

After 36 years of dedicated service, Judy Robinson is retiring from the Walker County Revenue Commission. A party celebrating her long and distinguished career was held in her honor on March 21 at the Revenue Commission Office at the Walker County Courthouse. Judy’s friends, family, and past and present coworkers gathered to show their appreciation and gratitude for her many years of hard work and dedication.

Revenue Commissioner Jerry Guthrie presented Judy with a plaque commemorating her service to the county. The plaque served as a reminder of the many contributions that she has made over the years, and the impact that she has had on the lives of those around her.

Guthrie also remarked that Judy has been a true asset to Walker County throughout her years of employment, consistently going above and beyond in her efforts to provide professional, dedicated service to the community.

“I started working with the county when I was 28, so I’ve spent a lifetime here. It’ll be difficult to leave, but at the same time, I am looking forward to my new chapter in retirement,” Judy says. “The people have been the best part of my entire career. The ones I’ve worked with and the ones I’ve worked for, they all made it a great place to be.” WL

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