Walker Leader Q&A with Jerry Davis

Interview by Lauren Goforth | Images by Justin Hunter

The Walker Leader recently sat down with Jerry Davis, Chief Clerk of the Walker County Probate Office, and learned a bit about his life and career.

With an impressive career dedicated to public service, Davis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role.

WL: Tell us about your upbringing.

JD: I grew up in Etowah County, joined the Navy after high school, and specialized in aviation electronics. After serving on the John F. Kennedy, I pursued higher education at UAB and Auburn, ultimately graduating from Jacksonville. I worked in the electronics lab at Fort McClellan while finishing school.

Later, I co-founded Thicket Publishing, producing 38 covers annually across seven magazines. We were bought out by Grandview Media (EBSCO) when the timing was right. Post-sale, I invested in rental houses and a mini storage business, enjoying the stability of “mailbox money.”

WL: How did you become Chief Clerk at the Walker County Probate Office?

JD: I was college friends with Judge A. Lee Tucker, and I helped during his campaign and became Chief Clerk during his transition. Commuting daily from Harpersville, Alabama, I officially relocated to the Boldo community a year ago. I’m excited to be part of this community, voting here, and hopeful to retire here.

WL: As Chief Clerk, what’s your day-to-day like?

JD: We handle judicial matters like wills and estates. I focus on administrative tasks, recording county documents, managing public records, and overseeing tag, title, and business license operations. Efficient workload management is key.

WL: What improvements have you and your team made to the Probate Office?

JD: We upgraded tag software for online registration, installed bank glass and a queuing system for safety and efficiency, and acquired the old G. May building for expansion. New security doors, refreshed interiors, and an expanded courtroom contribute to a modern workspace.

WL: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

JD: Supporting our team and learning something new almost every day!

WL: You have mentioned that your bags are well-traveled. Give us a recap of the places you’ve been. 

JD: Edinburgh, Scotland; the North Atlantic Coast; the Mediterranean, twice; Bremerhaven, Germany; Brest, France; Yugoslavia; Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, which is now Ukraine; Cairo, Egypt; Barcelona, and Tourmalines, Spain; Naples, Italy; my family, and I celebrated midnight mass in the Vatican in Rome over Christmas and New Year one year. That was a great, fun experience. 

WL: What community organizations are you involved with?

JD: I have joined the Jasper Kiwanis Club, a service organization focusing primarily on assisting and benefiting children and young adults. They just celebrated their 100th anniversary, so they’ve been around a long time! As a hobby I’ve always enjoyed planting and growing so in January I will take part in the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service’s Master Gardner Program.

WL: Last and maybe most importantly, what is your go-to meal in Walker County? 

JD: That is a rather serious question that requires some thought, as I’m such a connoisseur, LOL. Little Ceasar’s pepperoni pizza, because you can grab one of those, and in five minutes, you’re sitting down at the table eating a warm meal!

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