New Ice Machine Installed at the Oakman Senior Citizen’s Center

Words and Image Special to The Walker Leader

On Friday, a new ice machine was installed at the Oakman Senior Citizen’s Center. The Center’s previous ice machine stopped working approximately a year ago. Ever since, members of the Center have depended on going to the store to purchase bagged ice daily.

“Purchasing that bagged ice gets really expensive really quickly,” said Oakman Town Clerk Larry Franks. “We contacted our county commissioner, Jim Borden, who helped us tremendously. Now we’re proud to have a functioning ice machine for the Center, which provides lunch daily for over 30 senior citizens.”

“After I learned about the issue, I got in touch with Paul Kennedy from the Walker Area Community Foundation, and he helped put some feelers out. He told me about Mike Putman, who owns the building in Jasper where Black Rock Bistro used to be,” Borden said. “Mike had an ice machine in that space that he was willing to sell. Because it was for the Senior Center, he graciously reduced his price to $3,000.”

The Town of Oakman contributed $1,500 to the purchase of the machine, while M4A, the organization that helps provide meals at the Senior Center, contributed $1,000.

The remaining $500 was donated by Commissioner Jim Borden and Commission Chair Steve Miller. No county funds were used in the purchase of the machine. WL

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