James Spann Visits Memorial Park Elementary School

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter

On Thursday, October 19, James Spann, Chief Meteorologist at Birmingham-based news station ABC33/40, shared his passion for weather with eager third graders at Memorial Park Elementary School.

“Our third graders are finishing up a reading and writing unit centered on severe weather, and we’re glad to have Mr. Spann visit us to help close out the unit in a memorable way,” said Principal Eric Rigsby.

Spann started by explaining the science of weather, emphasizing how meteorologists study the Earth’s atmosphere to predict and understand weather patterns. He highlighted the importance of weather knowledge in helping communities prepare for and respond to various weather conditions. Spann also provided insights into his own job, detailing the various tools and instruments meteorologists use to gather data and make accurate forecasts.

The visit was made even more memorable as many students dressed up for the event. Some dressed as miniature Spanns, complete with suspenders and neckties. Others chose to be storm clouds, Mother Nature, and even tornadoes!

Spann’s visit served as a reminder that learning can be exciting and that the world around us is full of wonder, waiting to be explored. WL

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