Local Artists Now in Residence at Downtown Jasper Business Incubator Pod

Words and Images by Jenny Lynn Davis

Local artists Sandi Perry-Griffin, Chloe Corry, and Karen Thompson are showcasing their work in downtown Jasper at FLO, the business incubator pod hosted by Jasper Main Street. The three began their residency at the pod with the annual Foothills Festival in September and will conclude with an open house event during the yearly non-profit Fall Fest on October 29.

Sandi Perry-Griffin specializes in handmade earrings, necklaces, and lanyards. Her passion for crafting led her to seize the opportunity to join FLO.

“I learned that the pod had become available, so I called to inquire, and seemingly overnight, I was moving in,” Sandi recalls. “I needed help filling the space, so I reached out to Karen and Chloe and had them join me.”

She adds, “Through this residency, Jasper Main Street has given us a valuable opportunity to test the waters of a storefront and see how it might work for us without taking a huge risk, and we’re grateful for that. We’ll be adding more designs as our time here goes on.”

Chloe Corry’s display includes a range of fun and stylish handmade headbands featuring festive seasonal designs and versatile year-round patterns suitable for all ages.

“I love fashion and putting together a good outfit with good accessories,” Chloe says. “I was getting tired of paying so much for the fun, intricate headbands, so I ordered the supplies to make them myself. I posted some on Facebook, and it took off!”

Karen Thompson specializes in painted canvases, magnets, and ornaments, offering affordable art in various styles.

“I was a math teacher for over 30 years, retired in 2017, and started expanding on my hobby of painting to participate in more art festivals, which is how I connected with Sandi,” Karen shares. “I try to keep my art where anyone can afford it. I don’t have a specific style; I paint what comes to mind or what someone asks me to. My advice to aspiring artists is to keep on creating; don’t give up. If you like it, someone else will like it, too.” WL

FLO is located on 19th Street in Downtown Jasper, across from Rock-N-Roll Sushi

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