Caroline Thompson Named 2024 Distinguished Young Woman of Walker County

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter

Caroline Thompson, a senior at Jasper High School, was recently named the 2024 Distinguished Young Woman of Walker County.

The Distinguished Young Women of Walker County program is part of a national scholarship initiative that rewards academic achievement, leadership, and talent in young women. Participants can earn scholarships for higher education, develop life skills through workshops, and build friendships with peers around the state. They are evaluated in scholastics, interviews, talent, self-expression, and fitness.

Caroline underscores the significance of setting goals and working diligently to achieve them: “To achieve success, you have to be able to set goals and push yourself toward those goals,” she says. “I had some doubts leading up to the competition, so I was proud to push myself out of my comfort zone in that way.”

Caroline is not only an accomplished scholar but also a multifaceted talent. She actively participates in Jasper High School’s show choir, dance line, and theater program, and her academic and career aspirations include attending either the University of Alabama or Auburn University to pursue professional dancing, choreography, and education.

Participating in the Distinguished Young Women program has enhanced Caroline’s talents and contributed to her personal growth. She notes, “I feel like DYW has helped me learn how to present myself better socially and professionally.” The program has equipped her with valuable skills and confidence.

Caroline expresses her gratitude for the support she received on her journey to earning the Distinguished Young Woman title, saying, “So many people helped guide me and support me through the whole process, and I’m very grateful for all of them.”

Caroline will now compete for the title of 2024 Distinguished Young Woman of Alabama on January 19-20 in Montgomery, and we eagerly await her continued journey toward excellence! WL

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