Hydralife Health and Wellness Now Open in Jasper

Words by Linley Allred | Images by Justin Hunter

Hydralife Health and Wellness held a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting on Friday, July 14.

Located at 349 20th Street in downtown Jasper, this new facility provides healthcare services focusing on four primary areas: weight loss, IV hydration, hormone replacement, and women’s health. Lindsey Franks, the owner of Hydralife and a Nurse Practitioner, recognized the need for a practice emphasizing preventative care and improving people’s well-being at all stages of life.

“We want to change how people view healthcare. Do not assume because you have reached a certain age that you should expect to feel bad,” says Franks.

In the weight loss domain, patients undergo consultations, which can be conveniently conducted virtually, to address their individual goals. Hydralife offers a range of options, including weekly weight loss injections, oral weight loss alternatives, or a combination of both. Each weight loss plan is carefully supervised by medical professionals and tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

Hydralife also provides IV treatments for various purposes, each infusing essential vitamins and minerals such as B6, Magnesium, and Zinc. Whether recovering from a stomach bug or seeking immune support or beauty enhancement through collagen and amino acids, Hydralife offers specialized IV treatments to aid in restoring optimal health.

Contrary to popular belief, hormone replacement therapy is not exclusively for women of a particular age; it can benefit individuals with thyroid issues, low testosterone, or elevated cortisol levels. Hydralife recognizes the potential advantages of hormone replacement treatments for a broader range of patients.

In addition, Hydralife’s women’s health services encompass a wide array of offerings, including annual examinations, pap smears, family planning, hormone health, and the management of urinary infections and related issues. Furthermore, the practice’s primary care area emphasizes wellness, prevention, and treating and managing chronic health conditions, acute illnesses, and injuries.

Franks emphasizes the importance of prevention, stating, “The key is prevention. Let’s not wait until we feel unwell to see a doctor.” WL

Hydralife Health and Wellness is accepting new patients and can be contacted at 205-544-1336 or through their website, hydralifehealth.com.