Local Parks Receive New Playground Equipment

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn | Images by Justin Hunter

Just in time for warmer weather, North Jasper Park and Gamble Park have recently received new playground equipment.

Mayor David O’Mary says the city has spent nearly $1 million on this project through funds appropriated by the Jasper City Council.

When park-goers began noticing significant wear on the old playground equipment, Mayor O’Mary and the City Council decided to take preventative measures to make these parks as safe as possible.

“The equipment we used up to that point was rickety and had sharp edges; it was unsafe. So, we started looking at what we needed to do to bring those parks to where they should be today,” says O’Mary.

Community members are excited about these upgrades, as utilization of these parks continues to grow. O’Mary and the City Council hope that these improvements will draw more people in and promote a healthy lifestyle, especially in young children.

“If we can get young folks out and away from the sedentary things they are drawn and start getting them outside, it not only benefits that child today, but as long as they live,” he says. “That in and of itself is worth every dollar we invest.” WL

Gamble Park, located along Gamble Avenue in Jasper, and North Jasper Park, located at 3601 Coral Boulevard, are open to the public 365 days a year unless closure is mandated by The City of Jasper Parks and Recreation Department.

To learn more, visit jaspercity.com/parks-recreation.

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