Jasper City Board of Education Recognizes Career Technical Education Students

Words and Images by Jenny Lynn Davis

During the regular meeting on Monday, February 27, the Jasper City Board of Education recognized students in Jasper High School’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program. This recognition was part of February’s Career and Technical Education Month, which aims to increase awareness of CTE’s vital role in preparing learners for college and career success.

“Career tech is truly one of the most important things we offer in our school because it prepares our students for whatever path they choose,” said Jasper City Superintendent Ann Jackson.

Beth Kennedy, Assistant Principal and Director of CTE at Jasper High School, further elaborated on the school’s CTE program and how it is being implemented, stating, “Over the last several years, we have worked intentionally to ensure that the career technical programs offered in our school system align with the demand for labor both locally and statewide. We currently offer 16 pathways for students to participate in. We have also expanded into the world of more students going into dual enrollment. We’re trying to train from the elementary level upwards and ensure a seamless pathway for getting kids interested in career tech pathways so as soon as they finish high school, they’re ready for higher education and/or the workforce.”

During the recognition, ten students from Jasper High School’s CTE program shared their personal stories of how CTE has impacted their lives and how it will benefit their futures.

Students who shared their experiences include

  • AC Eaton – STEM/Computer Science
  • Harlie Fowler – Electrical Technology
  • Chris Walker – Culinary
  • Liz Godsey – JROTC and Welding
  • Abigail Hutchinson – Diesel
  • Kylie Pavlovec -Health Science
  • Owen Sargent – STEM/Engineering
  • Andrew Whitlock -Auto Tech/Collision Repair
  • Max Cain – Machining
  • Samantha Kreutz – Business Management

The students spoke about how the program has helped them develop practical skills that will be valuable in the workforce, such as problem-solving and teamwork. WL