Get To Know: Stacey Guthrie

Words by Thomas Ingle | Image by Ryan McGill

Stacey Guthrie loves to serve.

Whether it’s service to God, her family, or those seeking real estate assistance, serving others fills her life with immense joy and purpose.

Stacey, a native of Jasper, Alabama, graduated from Walker High School in 1995. Subsequently, she began her academic journey at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) at Walker College until 1997. Later, she transferred to The University of Alabama at Birmingham and earned a degree in Biology in 1999.

“Upon my graduation from UAB, I was already two years married and had a child and had another one on the way, so I chose to stay home with the intent to go back to work once the children were kindergarten age,” she says.

During this phase, their family relied on a single income. When the opportune moment arrived, Stacey re-entered the workforce by joining the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. The challenge was that the field office was in Birmingham, while her home was in Moundville.

“I worked there for a little while, and I was miserable and couldn’t stand it because I felt like I was away from my kids too much,” says Stacey.

Fueled by her desire for more quality time with her children, Stacey made the decision to move back home and initiated homeschooling for her kids. She explains, “I came to realize that the responsibility for my kids rested in my hands, not someone else’s.”

Stacey felt God had led their family in this direction, and they followed Him.

Stacey firmly believed that God had guided her family in this direction, and they followed His path. Her eldest son, Jacob Guthrie, completed his studies at The University of Mobile, majoring in worship leadership. Their youngest, Jonah, graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in May 2023 with a degree in materials engineering. Stacey also embraced the role of being a grandmother to a lovely granddaughter.

“My identity was deeply rooted in being a homeschool mom. Once they graduated, I had to redefine my purpose,” Stacey explains.

With this in mind, she made the courageous decision to explore the world of real estate and obtained her license in August 2022. As for her future in the real estate industry, Stacey is taking it one day at a time.

“This wasn’t on my radar, but homeschooling wasn’t on my radar either,” she laughs. “But I can tell you that as long as God gives me opportunities to meet needs, then I want to answer the call.” WL

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