City of Jasper Shares Positive Data from Foothills Festival

Vertical Horizon performing at the 2023 Foothills Festival

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Image by Justin Hunter

During Tuesday morning’s Jasper City Council meeting, City Planner Brent McCarver shared the following data from the 2023 Foothills Festival, held September 15 and 16 in downtown Jasper.

  • The City of Jasper hosted 36,454 people the weekend of the Foothills Festival
  • Some businesses experienced as much as 75% increase in revenue over the weekend of the festival.
  • Only one arrest was made by the Jasper Police Department throughout the duration of the festival.

“Foothills Festival was extremely beneficial for the city, and it was a great success. As always, we appreciate the City’s support of the event,” McCarver said.

McCarver also acknowledged the City of Jasper Street Department for their swift action in cleaning up after the festival. WL

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