Hospital Discount Pharmacy and Son’s Discount Pharmacy Cease Operations, Sold to Walgreens

After two decades of dedicated service to the community, Hospital Discount Pharmacy in Jasper has officially closed its doors. Owner Dustin Beaty, who also announced the closure of Son’s Discount Pharmacy, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of meeting the healthcare and pharmaceutical needs of the community over the last 20 years.

This significant closure comes amidst a statewide trend, with approximately 250 independently-owned pharmacies closing their doors in the last five years, further limiting access to crucial healthcare services for Alabamians.

Beaty acknowledged the ever-evolving landscape of the pharmacy industry, citing challenges related to insurance companies dictating care, reimbursement issues, and legislative pressures affecting the ability to provide quality services to customers. Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have also been a source of concern, as they frequently reimburse pharmacies at rates below the cost of filling patients’ prescriptions.

While local legislators have been actively engaged in seeking legislation to safeguard independent pharmacies, Beaty expressed concerns regarding the need for more legislative oversight and the reluctance of lawmakers to pass measures that protect independent pharmacy operations.

“It is my opinion that the next few years will be even more challenging for independent pharmacies, and more and more will be closing their doors,” he said.

In response to the closure, Beaty announced that both Hospital Discount Pharmacy and Son’s Discount Pharmacy have been sold to Walgreens, a decision driven by the national chain’s strong commitment to patient care and its comprehensive range of convenient services.

Effective Thursday, September 21, 2023, patients of Hospital Discount and Son’s pharmacies can access their prescriptions at the Walgreens located at 100 N Airport Road in Jasper.

Beaty reassures patients that familiar faces from Hospital Discount Pharmacy and Son’s Discount Pharmacy will be joining the Walgreens team, helping to create a more seamless transition and maintain the high level of care and service the community has come to expect.

Beaty expressed his deep appreciation for the community’s unwavering support over the years, stating, “It is with so much love and appreciation that my staff at Hospital Discount Pharmacy, Sons Discount Pharmacy, and I have had the privilege to care for you. We extend our best wishes for your future health.” WL

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