Drew Bentley Joins Tim Ferguson at Edward Jones Investments in Jasper

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter

Edward Jones Investments on Airport Road in Jasper recently welcomed Drew Bentley as their newest Financial Advisor, joining the team alongside experienced advisor Tim Ferguson.

Before joining Edward Jones, Drew worked in the Environmental Testing Laboratory at Jasper’s McGehee Engineering. While his previous career path might seem unrelated, Drew’s affinity for working with numbers made his transition into the world of finance a seamless one.

Drew’s introduction to the intricacies of finance and investments came through a family connection with Ferguson, his wife’s uncle.

“When my wife and kids and I first moved to Jasper from Tuscaloosa five years ago, we sat down with Tim to discuss our emergency fund,” Drew recalls. “We had one, but we weren’t really sure what it should look like for our needs. He educated us on our different options and helped us implement plans to meet our goals.”

As both the Jasper area and Ferguson’s office experienced significant growth in recent years, it became evident that Drew’s love for working with numbers and his dedication to helping others align perfectly with the office’s goals and values.

“At our office, we deal with all kinds of investments, be it retirement plans, estates, college planning, or anything under those umbrellas,” Drew explains. “My goal is to sit down with everyone, find out their goals, and help them plan their finances around that. The financial industry isn’t one size fits all, so I certainly like to get to know clients personally, which helps me better educate and advise them down the path of establishing good financial habits.”

Drew has been married to Brandi Ferguson Bentley for 17 years, and the two are parents to 14-year-old triplets, Logan, Madelyn, and Lily, who all attend Jasper High School. WL

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