Jasper City Students Recognized for Perfect Scores on State Testing

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter and Courtesy of Jasper City Schools

During the Jasper City Board of Education meeting on Monday, August 28, several students were recognized for receiving perfect scores on individual sections of the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) exam given in the 2022-2023 school year. ACAP is designed to provide students, parents, teachers, administrators, and Alabama residents with information regarding student progress toward mastery of the Alabama Course of Study Standards.

Those Students Include:

2nd Grade ELA

-Lydia Boylen

3rd Grade ELA

-Ellie Bryant Harbin

2nd Grade Math

-Azaria McElrath, Roman King, Anthony Sanford, Ford Morris, Jackson Butler, Jacob Lawson

3rd Grade Math

-Marleigh Oliver, Jaxon Humphries, Nathan Brewer

4th Grade Math

-Lea Thompson, Brody Walker, Sydney Clark, Hudson Addison, Julianne Hagler, Harleigh Hendrix, Callie Key, Carmen Stephenson, Daxton Talley

5th Grade Math

-Bashney Hendrix, Cooper Smith

6th Grade Math

-Oliver Mosley

“This is a tremendous deal for these students to achieve perfect scores. We are very proud of them and thank them for their hard work. We also thank their parents for their dedication to our school system and what you invest into the lives of these students every day,” said Eric Rigsby, Principal at Memorial Park Elementary.

Additionally, the Jasper City Schools Success Program was recognized for outstanding improvement on the 2023 ACAP Alternative Test, with Dashon Pelmer achieving level four proficiency on the Alternative 10th Grade Math Exam and Xandria Shanklin receiving level four proficiency on the Alternative 11th Grade ELA and Math exams.

“We thank our board members, as well as Dr. Jackson and Mr. Allen, for taking a chance on us and allowing us to have this program,” said Jonah Trotter, a teacher in the JCS Success Program. “We also thank the parents of our students for the support they give us. We’re super proud of Deshon and Xandria for achieving level four, which is the highest level on the ACAP Alternative.” WL

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