LeaderSports Featured Athlete: Eli Kennedy, Curry

Words by Thomas Ingle | Images by Justin Hunter

Meet Eli Kennedy, a Curry High School senior whose talents extend beyond the sports arena. A tri-sport athlete, Eli has been making waves as a wide receiver and linebacker in football for coach Jace Cordell, a small forward in basketball for coach Quinton McCarty, and a pitcher and first baseman in baseball for coach Jonas Barnett.

Eli has also proven himself to be a remarkable student. When he’s not busy with his sports commitments, you might find him cracking open a book on history, his favorite subject. He is also a proud member of the National Honor Society and the Beta Club.

Eli attributes his successes to his disciplined approach to managing his academics and sports commitments. With a GPA of 3.6, he’s found a way to excel in his studies while thriving in his sports pursuits. “How I balance school and sports is to stay ahead in all my classes,” Eli says.

As he looks ahead to his graduation in May 2024, Eli plans to pursue higher education with a baseball scholarship.

Congratulations, Eli, on your athletic and academic accomplishments. We wish you the best in your future endeavors! WL

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