Agapé Ballet Studio Fall Classes to Begin on September 11

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn and Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Ryan McGill

Six years ago, a pivotal chapter began in Michaela Perry’s life when she embarked on a journey as a ballet teacher and opened Agapé Ballet. The decision marked a significant milestone in her lifelong relationship with dance—an endeavor that began during her formative years and has grown to define her. Throughout the years, the San Diego, California native honed her skills, immersing herself in the art and craft of ballet, and in the process, cultivating a deep appreciation for its significance.

“I remember taking my first ballet class 20 years ago and how it sparked a love and passion. I’ve always loved the beauty of ballet; it looks so pretty and effortless. But it really takes so much physical strength, flexibility, and attention to detail,” she says.

“It’s also a worshipful outlet for me, like singing might be for some, but just through movement. You can convey to an audience your deepest feeling or thoughts without ever having to say a word. And being able to use these abilities and talents to glorify the Lord – it’s just amazing.”

The next leg of her journey begins this fall in Jasper, as Michaela will impart her ballet expertise and cultivate a space for others to discover the transformative power of dance through Agapé Ballet Studio.

She says that her goal as a teacher is to instill classical ballet techniques and inspire her students to use their gifts for more than just themselves – to go into the community and be a light and encouragement to whomever they can.

Agapé Ballet Studio’s Fall Classes will begin on September 11th, 2023, at the First Presbyterian Church in Jasper. The spectrum of classes encompasses a range of age groups and proficiency levels, ensuring that every individual finds their ideal fit:

Beginning Ballet (Ages 3-4): An introduction to the world of ballet, designed to ignite young hearts with the joy of movement and creativity.

Ballet I (Ages 5-7): A foundational course that builds upon the introductory concepts, allowing young learners to delve deeper into the artistry and techniques of ballet.

Ballet II (Ages 8 and up): Catering to a broader age group, this class refines skills and introduces more intricate movements, fostering a deeper connection to the art form.

Ballet III (Advanced, by invitation only): An exclusive opportunity for advanced students to explore the ballet’s sophistication under the guidance of a seasoned instructor.

Adult Barre Class (Ages 16+): Tailored for adults of all experience levels, this class harmoniously blends fitness and ballet techniques, resulting in a dynamic experience. WL

For more information, visit, or Agapé Ballet Jasper on Facebook. For more in-depth inquiries, email Michaela at

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