Get To Know: Jenny Elliott

Human Resources Director, Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center

Words by Thomas Ingle and Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Justin Hunter

Jenny Elliott’s journey has been shaped by the strong, Godly influence of her mother, Wenona Waid Robinson and grandfather, Marvin Waid, whose guidance, and passion led her to pursue various interests that still resonate with her today.

Born and raised in Jasper, Alabama, Jenny’s educational journey began at Curry High School, where she graduated in 1999. Her thirst for knowledge, fostered greatly by her grandfather’s encouragement, led her to enroll at Wallace State Community College, where she obtained a Physical Therapy Degree in 2001.

Following her graduation, Jenny found herself working at a local gym, where she had the opportunity to connect with Alice Hendrickson, the former Benefit Coordinator at Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center (NWAMHC). In their conversations, Alice shared information about an open position at NWAMHC, piquing Jenny’s interest.

Reflecting on that time, Jenny recalls, “I came here in 2005, during Jim Pritchett’s tenure as the Human Resources Director, with Skip Newman serving as the Executive Director. Since then, this organization has become my professional home.”

In 2016, Jim Pritchett retired, creating an opportunity for Jenny to step into the role of Human Resources Director—a position she has held ever since.

Alongside her professional endeavors, Jenny’s personal life has been intertwined with a serendipitous encounter. Through her brother, Justin Robinson, she met her future husband, Joseph Elliott. After three years of friendship and courtship, they exchanged vows in 2001. Their union brought forth the joy of parenthood, and their first child, Jake, was born in 2007. Currently, Jake is a sophomore at Jasper High School and actively involved in basketball, proudly representing the Vikings. Additionally, their second child, Jonah, aged 12, attends Valley Junior High and shares his passion for basketball through his participation in travel teams.

Beyond her professional and family life, Jenny finds solace and creative expression in her musical pursuits, primarily, playing piano and singing. Hailing from a family with a rich musical heritage, Jenny’s passion for music has been nurtured by her grandfather, who was a bass singer in a renowned quartet group that performed across the Southeast.

Now, as Jenny continues to raise her family alongside her husband, Joseph, she is determined to inspire her children just as her grandfather inspired her. Guided by the enduring influence of her family and her own experiences, Jenny aspires to instill a sense of passion, curiosity, and fulfillment in her children, empowering them to embrace their own unique paths in life. 78

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