King Kutter: 45 Years of Quality and Value in Farm Equipment

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images Courtesy of Candice Luts

King Kutter, a renowned name in the farm equipment industry, recently celebrated its 45th anniversary. With a legacy dating back to 1978, this family-owned company based in Winfield, Alabama, has established a reputation for quality products.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Vice President Candice Luts emphasized King Kutter’s achievement as a longstanding family-owned business.

“One of our greatest milestones is remaining a family-owned company since 1978,” she said. “My grandfather, Jim Fraley, purchased the company in 1978, and my father, Phillip Fraley, served as President and CEO for over 35 years.

Throughout the years, King Kutter has consistently provided customers with products of exceptional quality and value, cementing their position in the industry. When asked what sets King Kutter apart from its competitors, Candice highlighted their commitment to producing high-quality products in the United States, specifically in Alabama. This dedication to local manufacturing sets King Kutter apart from many competitors in the market, ensuring that customers can trust the reliability and craftsmanship of their equipment.

Looking toward the future, Candice expressed the company’s vision for continued success and their commitment to upholding their legacy of quality and value.

“Our plans for the future involve forging ahead in the industry and maintaining our tradition of manufacturing in the state, all while preserving family ownership,” she shared. As the company’s third generation, she serves as Vice President, and her husband serves as President. They aim to uphold the family-owned aspect that has been a cornerstone of King Kutter’s success.

In celebration of their 45th anniversary, King Kutter has taken special measures to honor this significant milestone. All equipment manufactured this year proudly bears a special 45th-anniversary sticker, symbolizing King Kutter’s dedication to quality and longevity. Additionally, the company hosted a memorable barbecue event for their plant and office employees, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration.

With 45 years of unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality farm equipment, King Kutter remains a trusted name in the industry. Their dedication to family ownership, American manufacturing, and unparalleled value has been the foundation of their success. As they continue their journey, King Kutter remains poised to lead the industry, providing farmers and rural customers with the best tools to enhance their productivity and efficiency. WL

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