Our Village Empowers Students with Comprehensive Summer Programs

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Image by Justin Hunter

Our Village, an educational initiative dedicated to the holistic development of students, families, and communities, is hosting a range of comprehensive programs throughout the summer to cater to various age groups and educational needs.

“At Our Village, we strive to empower students to thrive academically and become well-rounded individuals,” explained Dr. Monisha Moore, co-owner of Our Village. “Whether it’s extending the learning for high-achieving students or re-teaching concepts to those who struggle, we adapt to their needs.”

With a mission to empower all learners, Our Village in partnership with The Bridge Educational Philanthropy, is proud to offer the following programs this summer, all led by state-certified teachers who work within local school systems:

  • Dual Language Immersion Program (Spanish and English) for kindergarten-2nd grade: This program provides a unique opportunity for young learners to develop fluency and cultural appreciation in Spanish and English. Students gain valuable language skills through interactive activities and immersive experiences while fostering a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.
  • iRead Literacy Program for 1st grade-12th grade: The iRead Literacy Program enhances literacy skills, including fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, phonological awareness, and writing. This comprehensive approach helps students become confident readers and effective communicators.
  • Community Book Club for pre-K through 1st grade: Cultivating a love for reading and fostering social connections among young learners is the program’s aim. Through shared reading experiences and interactive discussions, students develop critical thinking skills and a joy for literature.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Camp: Our Village recognizes the importance of a smooth transition into kindergarten. This camp provides incoming kindergarteners with a nurturing environment where they can develop essential skills to ensure a strong foundation for their academic journey.
  • Conversational Spanish: This program offers conversational Spanish instruction to learners of all ages. Students can develop their speaking and listening skills in a supportive and immersive environment.
  • ACT Prep for groups or individuals: Our Village offers ACT preparation classes for high school students preparing for college admissions. Experienced instructors guide students through comprehensive test-taking strategies, content review, and practice exercises to maximize their performance on the ACT.

In addition to the Summer Programs, Our Village provides individual tutoring throughout the year, catering to students from kindergarten through college. This personalized support ensures that students receive tailored assistance and guidance in their academic journey, all within an uplifting and supportive environment.

“The work we do at Our Village is situated in the framework of meeting students where they are. We serve a range of students, all from different capabilities and backgrounds. We want students to feel safe and comfortable coming to us to get those wraparound services they need,” explained Dr. Kristian Douglas, co-owner of Our Village. “We understand that education is a civil right, and we recognize that to best meet our students’ needs, we must make sure they feel welcomed and included, as it aids the learning process.”

Douglas also serves as the Executive Director for The Bridge Educational Philanthropy, Our Village’s nonprofit sister organization that makes it possible to receive funding for their efforts through organizations such as The Walker Area Community Foundation, The Daniel Foundation, and The Kiwanis Club of Jasper.

As Our Village continues to serve as a beacon of educational empowerment, it remains steadfast in its dedication to meeting students where they are, creating a nurturing environment that fosters growth, and ensuring that every learner feels valued and included on their academic journey. WL

To learn more about Our Village and The Bridge Educational Philanthropy, and for further details on the Summer Programs, visit Our Village on Facebook or online at ourvillagejasper.com.

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