K&L Heating and Air: A Family-Owned Business Committed to Exceptional Service

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Image by Justin Hunter

K&L Heating and Air stands out as a family-owned business that goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service and fair pricing. Fueled by the desire to create their own business, husband-and-wife duo Kevin “K.C.” and Lisa Concord established K&L Heating and Air in 2020. The company offers routine maintenance and service, installation for residences, and some commercial services.

The Concords firmly believe in the golden rule, understanding that their business’ success is only made possible by their reputation. While sometimes that firm belief leaves them out in the field long after night has fallen, they persevere to ensure that every customer receives the highest level of service and satisfaction.

“We treat everyone the same, whether they’re a millionaire or just scraping by,” Lisa says. “When we get a call, we try our best to act on it that day, not making someone wait weeks for what is an essential service in this day and age.”

K.C. adds, “By being a smaller company, we can offer faster and, hopefully, better service, with what we know is fair pricing. Everyone out there, including us, is trying to survive, and we try to provide good service for a good price.”

At K&L Heating and Air, the entire workforce is comprised of the Concord family. Lisa handles clerical work, bookkeeping, and scheduling, while K.C. brings his 27 years of experience in the heating and air industry to the field for service work and installations. Their oldest daughter, Joanna, serves as the receptionist, and their middle daughter Crystal and her husband, Matthew, work with K.C. in the field, contributing wherever necessary to get the job done. Even their youngest daughter Karlie, a full-time paramedic, fills in as needed. The family’s collective expertise and dedication create a strong foundation for the business.

In a constantly evolving industry, K&L Heating and Air recognizes the importance of staying updated. The team actively invests time in reading, training, and attending classes to stay ahead of the latest heating and air technology advancements. By continuously learning, they can provide their customers with the most effective and efficient solutions for their heating and cooling needs.

“We pride ourselves on that willingness to do what it takes, but also on being down-to-earth and accessible,” K.C. says.

“No job is considered too small, whether it’s changing an air filter or installing a new unit,” Lisa adds. “We’re here for our customers, and we want them to know that we truly care.” WL

K&L Heating and Air is located at 44 Daughdrill Dr, Jasper, AL 35501, and can be reached by phone at 205- 282-0110.