Summer at Bernard’s

Words by Nate Shoff | Images by Ryan McGill

Summer is a special time in Alabama. It is the wonderful season of rest and reprieve. Time and pace of life seemingly slow down as the heat rises and days continue to get longer. Moments and occasions of enjoyment arise for all to look forward to. And whether it is a weekend afternoon Bar-B-Q, a day spent on the water at the lake or on the river, or attending a beautiful evening wedding, Bernard’s Store for Men has all you need to complete that perfect summer occasion outfit. 

Light weight engineered materials are becoming the mainstay for summer fashion. Performance shorts with just the right amount of stretch by Duck Head and Johnston & Murphy are great staple pieces for the active day out or on the golf course.

Brands such as GenTeal, Byron Nelson, and Coastal Cotton offer a wide selection of performance polo and button-up shirts to keep you cool through summer’s high temperatures. And to not only feel cool on the water, but also to look it, Southern Shirt Co. has all the great moisture wicking shorts, tops, and swim trunks in modern and retro designs.

For those who need to take their style needs a step beyond sportswear, brands such as Hart Schaffner Marx, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger deliver suit and sport coat fabrics more conducive to summer’s heat. Marx’s continued advancements in material such as bamboo viscose, noted for its light weight and resilience, has kept the company at the forefront of the fashion industry for over a century. Designers Kors and Hilfiger employ modern polyesters to their wool blends, making them not only light weight and strong, but also stretchy, allowing the suit or coat to move with the body.

Certain occasions, however, call for classic Southern traditions. Cotton has been, and forever will be, the quintessential summer suit fabric. Seersucker and poplin are ideal options for day-to-day business or an evening cocktail party, and a destination beach wedding is the perfect time to don a suit made of linen.

Summer is the time of year to kick back and relax a little. As the days continue to grow and the humidity settles in, we are awarded opportunities to cool off and enjoy time spent with friends and family. When those occasions come, Bernard’s Store for Men has everything you need to keep cool and stylish this summer. WL

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