Eddie Jackson’s “Stopping Time” Exhibit Now on Display at Bankhead House and Heritage Center

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Images by Al Blanton

Eddie Jackson recently unveiled his exhibit, “Stopping Time,” at the Bankhead House and Heritage Center.

This exhibit offers a glimpse into Jackson’s profound passion for freezing moments through the lens. The collection, carefully curated by Jackson himself, invites viewers to explore the captivating beauty and depth captured in his photographs.

With an extensive archive of over 50,000 digital images and 10,000 slides, Jackson faced the daunting task of handpicking a mere 50 or 60 photographs for the exhibition. Night after night, he immersed himself in his basement, sifting through his collection, creating a folder of captivating images that caught his eye.

Describing the title of the exhibit, Jackson shared, “Photography is the only way I know to stop time. It captures that moment in time and stops it. It can be evocative of so many things when you look back at that picture.”

While Jackson’s professional background lies in law, he firmly believes that his profession and his hobby intersect in unexpected ways.

“Photography and the practice of law mesh because they are both art,” he says. “For most of my career, I’ve done litigation, and I know of very few other professions that require the utilization of all of one’s skills – intellectual, physical, and artistic.”

“Good litigation is essentially theater. When someone who is really good at their craft in the courtroom stands before a jury, it is thrilling. That’s why there are so many television shows and movies about it. So that’s where I tend to see the overlap of what I do professionally with what I do with my photography.”

Jackson’s exhibit, which highlights various images including stunning street scenes, breathtaking landscapes, and glimpses of wildlife, is on display through August 4.

Admission to the exhibit is free, and guests are welcome to visit during the Bankhead House and Heritage Center’s business hours, Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  WL

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