Lavish Coffee Bar Expands to Carbon Hill with “The Daily Dose”

Words and Image by Jenny Lynn Davis

Lavish Coffee Bar, a beloved destination in Jasper known for its delicious beverages and commitment to building community, opened a second location this week in Carbon Hill.

In addition to their flagship location in Downtown Jasper, the Lavish Coffee Bar team opened a new satellite location inside Carbon Hill Drugs, aptly named “The Daily Dose.” By intertwining the local pharmacy and coffee shop, The Daily Dose emulates the nostalgic atmosphere of bygone eras when soda fountains were a cherished fixture in neighborhood pharmacies.

“The decision to open The Daily Dose was driven by the desire to extend the mission of fostering a sense of community. Carbon Hill is already a tight-knit community, and we hope to strengthen and grow that through this partnership,” said Dustin Beaty, co-owner of Carbon Hill Drugs.

While The Daily Dose aims to create a unique experience, it will continue to offer Lavish Coffee Bar’s signature drinks that patrons have grown to love. However, some of these drinks have been given new names that pay homage to both the Carbon Hill community and the pharmacy setting, including “Front Street Blast” and “The Cough Drop”.

This expansion not only provides Carbon Hill with a new gathering place, but also gives residents the opportunity to enjoy Lavish Coffee Bar’s menu without having to travel to Jasper. Whether craving a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or a refreshing loaded tea, the residents of Carbon Hill can now experience the quality and taste for which Lavish Coffee Bar is well known. WL