Madison Corbin Graduates with Master’s Degree in Elementary Education

Words and Image by Jenny Lynn Davis

Madison Corbin recently graduated with a master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of West Alabama. Despite the challenges of pursuing higher education, she maintained a full-time position as a second-grade teacher at Carbon Hill Elementary School while earning her degree.

As a teacher, Madison dedicates herself to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for her students. Throughout her own educational pursuit, she constantly sought to improve her teaching methods by integrating new approaches and incorporating the latest research findings into her classroom practices.

“Working full-time while going to school was challenging, but I knew that I had to maintain the momentum of pursuing my own higher education, or it might not have happened,” she says. “But I believe it was beneficial because it allowed my knowledge and skills to continuously build upon each other.”

Madison’s successful completion of her master’s degree marks a significant milestone in her professional journey. Equipped with advanced knowledge and a refined skill set, she is poised to make an even more substantial impact on the lives of her students.

“Beyond coming into class every day and learning the things they must know to advance to the next grade, I hope my students always remember how I made them feel and how much I love them. I could have all the degrees in the world, but that would not matter to me if I didn’t make a difference in my students’ lives.”

Madison adds that she couldn’t have accomplished this milestone without the love and encouragement of a support system comprised of her family, husband, former teachers, coworkers, and church family.

“All those people have poured into me and held me up when I needed it most, I am so thankful to them, and most importantly, I am thankful to the Lord, because, without Him, I am nothing.” WL

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