What’s Happening in Cordova? – May 19, 2023

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn | Images by Jenny Lynn Davis

Citizens of Cordova can be on the lookout for major improvements to the city’s outdoor recreational spaces! Mayor Jeremy Pate says, “We’re trying to reinvent Cordova. Everything we’re doing is to increase the population and make the city a better place to live.”

Upcoming improvements include:

  • A master plan for trails spanning approximately 30 miles within the city is almost complete. These trails will connect residential areas to schools, recreational spaces, and the city center.
  • Located in the city center, Indian Head Mill Park is an integral part of life in Cordova. Parkgoers can look forward to several upgrades that will heighten their daily experience, as well as improve local festivals and events. Additionally, three pads have been poured for two new pickleball courts and a new basketball court. Restrooms and shower facilities will be installed between these courts; this project is already underway. Electrical work has just been completed at the park’s pavilion, which is used as the stage for all festivals and events downtown.
  • The walking trail running through Mill Park is soon to be lined with solar lights, along with two bridges across the park’s creeks, to make the trail more accessible. The children’s play area has now been relocated, and will soon be receiving new swings, slides, picnic tables, and benches. The fishing pond within the park will also be lined with benches.
  • A new business will soon be added to the Disney Lake area, although details are not yet available.

Mayor Pate hopes these improvements will encourage the town’s citizens to engage in more outside activities. He says, “The park is a focal point of what we do here in the city. We’re hoping that it draws all the citizens to enjoy something here, whether it’s fishing, pickleball, basketball, walking, or enjoying the outside weather and barbecuing.”

Renee Sides, Director of Economic Development, adds that the city has been granted millions of dollars to complete these projects, and believes they will certainly improve everyday life in Cordova. WL

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