The Wholesale Farm behind Downtown Jasper’s Hanging Baskets

Words by Elizabeth Gillott | Images by Al Blanton

Over the last three years, you might have noticed the vibrant, flower-filled hanging baskets donning the streets of Downtown Jasper. These captivating décor pieces are the work of K&C Plant Farm, a wholesale farm servicing North and Central Alabama, and parts of eastern Mississippi.

Shane Wilson is a planter at K&C Plant Farm, and his love for plants and gardening goes all the way back to his childhood. When he was a boy, his dad built a greenhouse for his grandmother, marking the dawn of his intrigue in planting. He decided that plans would be the focus of his future and created K&C Plant Farms in 1998.

“Once I made the decision to pursue planting as a career, I never looked back,” he says. “We are a spring and fall color wholesale grower. We take the plants from seed to finished product.”

While they do not sell their products directly to the public, K&C Plant Farm plays an important role in the local economy. They cater to mom-and-pop garden centers, such as The Plantique and Professional Landscaping, with quality plants grown in the heart of Dora, Alabama.

K&C Plant Farm has made a significant impact on the Jasper community with their beautiful hanging baskets that adorn the streets. Shane Wilson’s passion for plants and gardening has played a crucial role in the success of K&C Plant Farm, and his dedication to the craft is evident in the quality of the products they produce.

As we continue to enjoy the vibrant colors and captivating scents of their floral arrangements, we are reminded of the importance of pursuing one’s passion and the beauty that can result from it. WL

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