Local Young Entrepreneur Launches Baby and Toddler Boutique

Words by Jenny Lynn Davis | Image courtesy of Madi Clay

Walker County native Madi Clay recently launched Sprouted Seed, an online baby and toddler clothing boutique.

All clothing offered by Sprouted Seed is 100% organic, naturally hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced and produced. Additionally, all items are made with water-based dyes, making them eco-friendly and safe for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin. All clothing options can also be purchased individually or as matching sets.

Madi’s inspiration for starting this business comes from her own children, Navy (2) and Coast (5 months). She says that, as a mother, she understands the importance of providing children with safe and sustainable clothing, as well as the need for an easier online shopping experience.

“I order everything online, even my groceries, and I found myself always talking about changes I would make to the websites where I bought my kids’ clothes,” she says. “I was talking to my husband, Jaylan, about how maybe, when the time was right, I could start my own online boutique.”

“He has always been such a big encourager and told me that he wants me to get back into doing things that make me happy, so he showed me that the right time was right now.”

The 23-year-old entrepreneur is entirely self-taught in every aspect of the business. From building the site and creating the logo, to ordering merchandise and pricing it to sell, she has done it all while having no previous experience in the business world. Yet, her passion and drive have led her to launch Sprouted Seed successfully.

Although Madi hopes to have a storefront in Downtown Jasper one day, she is happy with the online boutique’s success. The business has only been live for two weeks, but it has already seen great success, with parents flocking to Sprouted Seed for their organic, eco-friendly baby and toddler clothes.

“I’m super thankful to see so many people that I know share my business with others, and support me and order from me, and it’s even cooler to see the orders from total strangers,” she says. “I feel so supported and welcomed in the community that this business serves, and I see that as a confirmation that I should be doing this. I am happy to use my knowledge as a mother to provide for other parents.” WL

Shop Sprouted Seed’s collection online at sproutedseed.co

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