Jasper High School honors students with a 30 Plus on ACT

Words by Anna Lee Vaughn | Images by Al Blanton

American College Testing, widely known as ACT, is an entrance exam that measures students’ college readiness. Some students prepare for years to take the ACT. From studying to preparatory classes, to pre-tests and the exam itself, the road to a great score is not easily traveled.

Jasper High School celebrates the hard-working students who have achieved academic excellence by scoring a 30 or above on their ACT with the 30+ Club. Principal Gayle Crump says the club was created to encourage students to work towards the highest possible ACT score (36) and recognize those who land on or near that mark.

“The club’s creation has inspired students to work harder, take more practice exams, and take advantage of tutoring opportunities,” she says.

Students who perform well on the ACT increase their likelihood of receiving scholarships and place themselves in the 93rd percentile of students across the nation who take the ACT and earn admission into the best colleges and universities.

According to member Luke Smith, making the 30+ Club is all about dedication and hard work.

“My experience is that it takes practice,” Luke says. “The students in the 30+ Club are hard workers, and they’re dedicated. Many of them are school leaders, so work ethic bleeds into every aspect of their lives.”

The newest members of the 30+ Club are Morgan Atkins, Owen Searcy, Lydia Borders, Atticus Brown, Claudia Elliott, Aubrie Johnsey, Stephen Jones, Samantha Kreutz, Kylie Pavlovec, Tate Purvis, Owen Sargent, Luke Smith, Elizabeth Williams, Nicholas Wiginton, Madison Moore, Ivan Wilson, Jackson Painter and Alex Wilson.

Congratulations to these students on their fantastic scholastic achievement! WL

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