Holy Week Services Ongoing at Jasper First Methodist Church

Words and Image by Al Blanton

In remembrance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the local community is hosting Holy Week Services at Jasper’s First Methodist Church this week. Speakers from varying denominations will be welcomed to the pulpit, including Rev. Ryan Maimone of First Baptist Church, who opened the week’s events with a message on Monday.

The rest of the week’s preaching schedule is as follows:

Tuesday – Dr. Curtis Lewis, First Nazarene Church
Wednesday – Rev. Donna King, New Hope Methodist Church, Scottsboro
Thursday – Rev. Greg Tinker, Saragossa Nazarene Church
Friday – Rev. Alan Beasley, First Methodist Church; Bevill State Choir in Concert

“The Holy Week services are a powerful ecumenical gathering of people from churches all across the city of Jasper who come to worship in unity around the themes related to the final week of Jesus and most especially, His resurrection,” said Rev. Alan Beasley. “For many decades, it has been the one constant in our city for people to gather and worship around the common experience of Easter.”

The service is at noon each day, followed by lunch at 12:30. First Methodist Church is located at 1800 3rd Avenue in Jasper. WL

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