Sen. Reed, Rep. Woods Announce Grant Opportunity in Support of Foothills Festival

Foothills Photo by Blakeney Clouse | Senator Greg Reed and Rep. Matt Woods by Al Blanton

Today, Senator Greg Reed and Representative Matt Woods announced a $20,000 product development grant in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Tourism for Jasper Main Street in support of the Foothills Festival in Jasper, Alabama.

In 2015, the City of Jasper formed a partnership with Main Street Alabama in hopes of reviving the downtown businesses and lifestyle. With that collaboration, the Foothills Festival gained several contributors – City of Jasper, Jasper Main Street, and various local business organizations – to bolster and encourage attendance for the festival.

State Representative Matt Woods

“Jasper Main Street continues to do a great job promoting and supporting events taking place in our community. I appreciate the Department of Tourism for returning tax dollars to our community by awarding Jasper Main Street with this product development grant,” stated Alabama State House District 14 Representative Matt Woods. “This grant will be used to enhance the 2023 Foothills Festival by attracting top tier talent and visitors to our restaurants, shops, and hotels.”

Jasper Main Street continues to support the Foothills Festival, which is one of Alabama’s premier music festivals drawing more than 20,000 people annually to northwest Alabama. 

State Senator Greg Reed

“I am so appreciative of the Department of Tourism and Jasper Main Street for their collaboration with this product development grant. For nearly 10 years, it has been the mission of Jasper Main Street to recruit new businesses, renovate and improve structures, and drive up the economy through various ventures and the Foothill Festival certainly aids in that effort,” stated Senator Greg Reed. “The Foothills Festival brings not only thousands of visitors to northwest Alabama but also introduces Jasper to people from all walks of life. The music, culture, food, and vendors that arrive in town for the two-day event brings a breath of fresh air to our charming community.”

The Foothills Festival is currently scheduled for September 2023. For more information, please see https://www. foothillsjasper .com. WL